The newly established Lucie Photo Book Jury - consisting of  independent curators, creative directors, editors, Lucie Honorees, and photography critics - will take part in recognizing and rewarding deserving photographers, editors, curators, and publishers  who share the passion of making incredible imagery through the photo book medium. The Jury is responsible for choosing the 30 finalists, as well as the top two cash prize winners. 

Remaining Jury To Be Announced!

Sam Barzilay 

Creative Director, United Photo Industries

Jacqueline Bates 

Photography Director, The California Sunday Magazine

Christine Walsh 

Associate Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine

David Furst 

International Picture Editor for The New York Times

Michael Foley 

Founder, Foley Gallery

Catherine Edelman 

Founder, Catherine Edelman Gallery, President of the Association of International Photography Art Dealers

Federica Chiocchetti 

Independent Writer, Curator, Lecturer,  Founder of The Photocaptionist

Larry Fink 

2017 Lucie Honoree, Achievement in Documentary  Photography

Mark Lubell 

Executive Director, International Center for Photography

Publishing Jury to Review “Proposal” Category

Karen Marks 

Director, Howard Greenberg Gallery

Amy Kellner 

Associate Photo Editor, The New York Times Magazine

Marta Hallett 

President & CEO, Glitterati Incorporated

David Alan Harvey 

Founder and Editor, Burn Magazine

Alison Crosby 

Director, Nazraeli Press

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